Bad kitty pillows

Ever since I cut up the Ikea pillowcases and turned them into placemats a few weeks ago, our couch has had the indignity of being adorned with raw pillows (oh the shame!). I’ve been sewing like a mad woman over this long bank holiday weekend (I finished up my jeans and my Patrones Jean Paul Gaultier skirt but it’s been hailing and snowing and FAR too cold to make photoshoots appealing…) so I finally got the energy up to cover the pillows once and for all, with the genius naughty kitties fabric we bought for this purpose in the States.

I made a bunch of piping using some offcuts of poly gabardine (I eyeballed it and only had a couple inches leftover, yesssssss!), made some careful measurements, and now our couch is a much happier place to sit!

(The center pillow is a quillow my Granny made me about fifteen years ago!)

I took the lazy way out and just made the back closure envelope-style rather than zippered, but I made sure that these are machine washable, since as soon as our cat, Bosco, gets a peek at these they’re going to be covered in black fur…

And in other news, I won a McCall’s pattern of my choice from a competition on DIY Style! Woop! I’ve been reading their blog for a while now and I can’t wait to see the new pattern line when it launches, as the sketches thus far have been very promising. Anyway, because it’s still very much winter here in London, I chose 5225, with designs to make view E out of one of the beautiful wool flannels over at Gorgeous Fabrics. I’m thinking ahead that I’ll make it in time for next winter, but at the rate we’ve been going in the last year, I’ll be able to wear it all summer if I make it now, argh (for the non-Londoners – we didn’t have a summer last year. Literally! I could count the days I could go outside without a jacket on one hand, and now we’ve had the longest, coldest winter in living memory, which is still very much ongoing. Some people may fantasise about swimsuit weather, but I’m just hoping for non-scarf weather this year…)

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