Like mother like daughter

You may remember that a few weeks ago I gave in to my mother’s pleas and made her a her-sized version of my blue KnipMode shirt, in the same fabric as mine, but with shorter sleeves for the hotter Pennsylvania weather…

Well, it arrived and she did me proud with a photoshoot!

I only added an inch or two to a few seams here and there, hoping the stretchy knit would take care of the rest, and it looks great on her, so phew! If anyone’s interested in my exact Plus alterations (which I’m sure aren’t anywhere near textbook perfect), leave a comment and I’ll dig out my pattern pieces on which I scrawled my notes. She said she’s already worn it out and that it’s now destined to become her “lucky shirt”. Mom, I’m not sure I want to know! 🙂

In other sewing news, I’ve somehow got a backlog of 4-5 posts to come in the next few days, all photographed and ready to go. The rest of the internet may be taking the day off for that American holiday that isn’t celebrated or even acknowledged anywhere else, but you’ve got plenty to read over here!

Oh, and I was contacted by a nice man in Hawaii who found (and bought!) my same Joann Sonata sewing machine in a thrift shop but sadly didn’t come with the manual. I got a bit giddy to have a sewing machine buddy, and I ended up scanning the entire manual for him. If anyone else is interested in seeing what a mid-1980s sewing machine manual looks like, you can download the manual here in pdf format! As far as I know this is out of print and not available anywhere and the company isn’t around any more…. Copyright lawyers, please don’t hurt me.

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