Got my mojo workin'

Ooh, I’m back baby! After my last two duds I was in need of some seriously quick fun to start off Knit Month, so I selected Burda WOF 06/08 #109 sewn in a lilac cotton interlock from Pennine Outdoor as my first bit of fun!

I love wearing this so much – it’s like if a sweatshirt and a teeshirt really hit it off and made sweet, sweet love and produced this little lovechild. It’s only 5 pieces (front, back, pockets, sleeve band, and hem band) and it sewed up on my beautiful overlocker in under two hours. Have I mentioned yet how much I adore my Bernina 800DL? Honestly, it’s made sewing knits SO quick, I can tell I’m going to have a very fun month already!

The kangaroo pockets really make this into something more than just the average teeshirt, and the separating zipper turns this into the perfect coverup for a bikini or little vest top (tank top). It’s perfect for the schitzophrenic British summer because it means I can wear a little vest to work and throw this over top when I get chilly without having to go the entire long-sleeves route. And I can see it’d be perfect for covering up shoulders on the beach if you burn a easily as I do!

This was part of my Summer Sewing Plans, and I’ve already started on my next project – the frankendress using the KnipMode gathered top and a BWOF skirt. It’s got a lot of seams, though, and the construction is anything but conventional, so I made my own technical drawing sketch to get the order of construction straight in my head before starting this morning.

I often do this mentally when I start a pattern, even if there’s instructions already included (like with magazine patterns in languages I don’t speak). I like to sit down and go over the order I’m going to sew everything in before I start so I don’t run into a wall further down the line. So there’s a little insight into my head (and handwriting!) for you. It’s a little bit different than constructing with just a sewing machine, as it’s all about trying to sew everything in flat with the overlocker, but it’s a little mental challenge, which I’m really liking…

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