Reddy, Set, Sew!

When I visited the States last summer, I bought lots of fabric but did very little clothes shopping, despite everything being so cheap on the “dollar discount”. The only garment purchase I did make was a simple black top from the Issac Mizrahi for Target range, and I’ve absolutely worn it to death in the past year. I was really excited to see that Vogue 8305 contains a shirt absolutely identical to my Target one, so I thought I’d give it a go in some inexpensive red cotton jersey to check the fit and construction before cutting into anything more expensive in the future.

(Whoa, my bum looks huge in that skort! Note to self – only wear it around the boat from here on out…)

I made a few changes to this pattern but overall I’m pleased with the fit – in a stretchier fabric this could be a dead-ringer for my RTW top, so the variation possibilities are endless… First change was that I eliminated the back zipper and cut the back piece on the fold. Really, a zipper on a knit top – why why why? Completely unnecessary! Second was to shorten the sleeves for a summer look, adding to my pile of alternative teeshirts! And finally, although I hate facings on knits as a general rule, I decided to keep these in, but much to my annoyance (and despite a ton of understitching!) the neck facings kept flipping out no matter what. They really should list 1/4 inch Stitch Witchery as a required notion on this pattern, because a length of that sandwiched between the neck edges and facings was the only thing to keep them in place!

The fit is really nice, though, and it’s a comfortable shirt to wear that looks a bit dressier than the average teeshirt, but I think the recent cotton interlock has really spoiled me – this jersey just feels kinda cheap in comparison. But lesson learned, and I’ll enjoy this shirt while it lasts! And you probably can’t notice in the dusky photos, but I’ve got professional makeup on! I had a photoshoot yesterday afternoon for ASOS‘s magazine, though for once it was actually for my day job rather than FehrTrade. Though I, of course, wore my own creations for the shoot!

Knit Month may be drawing to an end, but I’ve still got my swimsuit yet to show you, once I work up the nerve for a photoshoot and photoshop, and there’s still one day left to enter to win a copy of Patrones magazine!

Looking ahead, I was hoping to fit Burda WOF 02/08 #103 into Knit Month but last weekend left me utterly exhausted so I’ll be getting to that later in August. Next up is Burda 7783 which I’m sewing in plenty of time for a friend’s wedding at the end of August, and I’m finally moving forward with my coat for the sewalong. We’re at the cutting and thread tracing stage, which should keep me busy for a few nights!

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