Christmas gift – Hannah Montana polo dress

No, you did read that right – it’s just not for me! Luckily, my niece Megan will be receiving something that ticks two boxes off her Christmas list: “5. New Dress” and “Hannah Montana stuff”. We should all be thankful I didn’t attempt “8. bird costume with bird shoes”!

I found some fantastic Hannah Montana cotton knit from Crybaby’s Boutique and teamed it with some 100% cotton interlock in “rosepink” from Pennine Outdoor to break up the print a bit, then went looking for some nice kids patterns.

My sister in law told me that Megan still loves pink, but is otherwise not very girly or frilly in her clothing tastes, so I wanted to find some girls patterns with nice, clean lines.

I decided to try Knippie idee magazine, which is KnipMode‘s quarterly kids pattern magazine (they also do a baby pattern magazine as well as a Plus size collection!). The patterns are for a huge range of sizes (view the Knippie idee size chart here), from toddlers to teens, with a lot of different styles being covered for boys and girls.

This polo dress from the Summer 2008 edition really caught my eye. It was in a special spread of Olympic-themed clothes, and seemed to have some great opportunities for colour blocking with the two knits!

And here’s the end result – a fun and funky Hannah Montana dress for a 6 year old!

This dress was really easy to put together despite all the pieces – polo plackets can sometimes be tricky, but because the bottom of the placket here ends in a seam, you can just overlap the bindings and attach it to the bottom of the dress in one go! The only part that gave me a problem was the inside collar seam, which looked a bit ugly after I serged the collar on, so I ended up sewing some binding over to cover it. Of course afterwards I thought of about four ways I could’ve done this better, but c’est la vie!

She’s got another outfit in the same fabrics wrapped up under the tree, too, but that’s for another day…

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