Problem solving

Problem: exposed kitty litter tray

In our attempt to make the transition over to the other side of our boat (from the self-contained flat to the main part), we set up a new litter tray for Bosco in a pipe void under the bathroom sink. But shortly after we installed it, Bosco was having a scratch, James looked over, and they made awkward eye contact. Bosco meowed in protest! Clearly something was needed to protect his precious modesty!

So I sewed up a little curtain for his litter area using Michael Miller‘s “Bad kitty“ fabric that I had leftover from our throw pillows, adding a nice little border in chocolate brown at the bottom. It’s all cotton and all washable, so it’s no big deal if it gets dirty.

And hurrah! No more litter in sight and I have a happy cat.

Problem: cold feet at night

For those of you not familiar with what a duvet is, it’s essentially a big thick bedspread covered in a giant pillowcase (called a duvet cover), fastened at the bottom so it doen’t all slide out. It’s very popular bedding in England and the rest of Europe, but it does occasionally have its drawbacks – sometimes it can pull up at the bottom and you get cold feet. The sensible person might say to just wear socks (and I do!), but James wanted something to stop the drafts instead.

So I took a bit of sheet that came with the boat, finished all the edges, and made buttonholes that lined up exactly with the buttons on the duvet cover. So it buttons onto the duvet, and the excess fabric gets tucked under the mattress.

And hurrah! No more cold feet and I have a happy man.

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