Nautical but nice

I made the KnipMode puzzle trousers back in hospital (#12 from the May 09 KnipMode), but I wanted to add a quick and easy knit top to it so a few weeks ago, I also made a BurdaStyle Lydia top in navy and white jersey to realise the Breton shirt I’ve been wanting for a while now.

These photos were also taken a few weeks back, but it means you get to see my red wig, and the rather photogenic crane barge that’s now two boats over from ours…

I must say, I’m rather proud of my awesome stripe matching skills on the side seams (and sleeve seams)!

You saw the trousers and their weird construction in the earlier post, but they’re finished now (if a bit washed out by the sunshine) and still too tight…

Here are some better shots of the unique seams, taken with a real camera, and with the final buttonholes and aged brass buttons added!

If you’ve forgotten how these pieces all fit together, here’s some of the diagrams I put together for the earlier post:

These are going to be the last tailored or fitted garments you’ll see for a while from me – my weight gain is making sewing for myself really frustrating, as I’ve got a whole wardrobe of beautiful clothes that now fit badly, but I’m in no way motivated to sew temporary fat clothes (it’s not like I can go anywhere anyway). So now I’m concentrating on sew two dresses for my mom before she leaves (one down, one to go), the awesome KnipMode Weekend bag (waiting on handles), the odd loose knit top for myself, baby gifts, and some lingerie. Low blood = no energy = no exercise + others doing the grocery shopping = “look we bought you comfort food” arggh == FAT (Believe me on this one – I have very well honed photo editing skills, you’re only seeing the photos above that don’t contain grotesque muffin top. Situation is bad.)

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