The grey vintage midi skirt

Remember my my pinup sheath dress? Well, I made good use of the remaining 2 meters of so of the ex-designer charcoal grey flannel and made a midi skirt with it!

I used this vintage New Look/Maudella midi skirt pattern I bought in Sheffield not long ago:

I made View 2 (seen in my attempted tech drawing above), and the pattern pieces for it and View 1 were already cut to size 18 (my size, judging by the pattern, eep!), which made it easy to just lay on the fabric and cut. There are only three pattern pieces (skirt panel, yoke, and waistband), so it was a really quick skirt to construct, though the hem sat ready to be handsewn for a week or two before I had time to do it!

At first I was concerned that the front and back pieces were exactly the same, but I haven’t noticed any problems in the fit while wearing it. I think this might be down to my pancake butt, but someone with a more pronounced derriere might have issues.

The only part that gave me problems was the side zipper, and that was entirely down to me. At first I tried to do a vintage-style lapped zipper, but I didn’t have nearly enough seam allowance (Kenneth King recommended 2” in Cool Couture!), so I tried to add on some with a separate facing, and ugh… The bulk of it all made for a really lumpy hip profile, so I ripped it all out and went for a centred zipper instead, and it’s fine.

This midi skirt length is totally new for me, but I really like how it looks, especially teamed with my Christine Jonson shirred turtleneck and United Nude heels! Because I’m used to my skirts being above the knee, though, this feel really long when it’s on, even though it’s only a few inches longer than usual!

Coming up… Stay tuned for some truly adorable photos of my little nephew in his Dr Who waistcoat. omg! Plus I’ve already finished Paco’s sweater, and I’m midway through my Clover jeans. Not to mention telling you about the sewing bits I got for Christmas!

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