Snug & Smug

While in Holland last weekend, I managed a very quick run through Utrecht’s amazing fabric market (every Saturday on Breedstraat, with 100+ stalls of every fabric imaginable) and got a bunch of red velour for another (secret!) project. I finished the other project and used to offcuts to make this very warm and snuggly top, just in time for winter.

It’s #116 from the November 2006 issue of Burda World of Fashion magazine, and was really very easy to make, having only taken an hour or two from cutting to completion. I love the fit and the strange, integral collar, though I wasn’t aware that the inside of the fabric would show when I started making it. Next time I might extend the neck edge so I can make a self-facing. God knows I need more warm, snuggly winter tops – my office is freezing!

And in other, more administrative news, the spammers seem to have found my comments section, which is really rather sad but only slightly annoying. I’ve added a spam filter that seems to be pretty good so far, but if you genuinely want to leave me a comment that contains words like “v*agra” or “h*rny t*ens”, just be aware that it’ll go into a moderation queue first, okay?

Edit: wow, my joke text (now asteriked) must’ve really been bait for the spammers in real life, because the Comments Preview is getting HAMMERED by spam bots (even though they don’t suceed!). So apologies, but I’ve got to turn off commenting on this post for a bit…

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