Purple & print long sleeved running top

You can understand why I need a bit of a breather now after sewing so much workout gear, right? I sewed a lot of samples for the development and testing of my two patterns, and then once I finished those, the only real hole in my wardrobe was for long sleeved running tops, so I found myself back in the lycra pile anyway!

Just like the mocha running top you saw a few weeks ago, this one is again the Christine Jonson “Travel Trio Three” Raglan top pattern with a half-height collar and some hand mitts of my own devising.

I only had a bit of the printed lycra from Minerva leftover after already making leggings and a workout top from the 2m I bought, so I cut the front and back body and the collar in the printed lycra, then used some purple “silk touch” lycra from Tissu that I found in my stash for the sleeves and hand mitts.

Forgive me for not doing a proper photoshoot on this – I was a bit photoshooted out at this point so you just get some action shots and selfies instead!

Yes, I usually am this annoyingly happy when I run!

Both lycras are quite thin and therefore not as warm as the long sleeve tops I’ve made from Suziplex or Cold Gear, but are still warmer than wearing a teeshirt, and I prefer minimalism when running anyway, especially if I’ve got my zero-bounce backpack on. Considering this top cost me somewhere around £5 in fabrics (compared to £50-60 in shops!), I’m not terribly fussed.

I had a little helper in the Quality Control department while I was sewing this!

Nothing gets past Nishi…

This brings my total number of long sleeved running tops up to four (three self-made plus the one I won for finishing 3rd at Bacchus Half), which may or may not be enough to last the winter. My trainer’s got me running 6 or 7 times a week now in preparation for London marathon, so the more gear I have, the less often I need to do laundry!

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