A matching green Cake clutch bag

Wow, what a busy week last week! Thank you all so much for your support and orders of my new VNA Top pattern (remember you can still get 10% off everything by using code “LASEREYES”)! The big wedding I was attending was actually last weekend, but I was so swamped I’m only just able to share these details with you now…

Remember the green cropped blazer I’d sewn for the wedding? I’d shown you how it looked with casual clothes, but I can now show you how I wore it on the day, along with the dress I’d planned it around:

You can really see how the green piqué works alongside the texture of the dress in this closeup shot I took in the car on the way to the wedding…

And you can also see that I did indeed manage to sew up a matching Cake Patterns Red Velvet Clutch from the same fabric and lining as my jacket! The whole look was a success, IMHO, and the chilly evening meant I kept my jacket on almost the whole night, only taking off my jacket (and exposing my bare back in the dress) when we hit the dance floor.

I’d made the free, mini version of this pattern a few months ago for James’s nieces, but I knew those were really only big enough for a phone and lipstick, and that I’d need more for an all-day ceremony and reception. So I bought the full version of the pattern, which comes in a 10 inch or 14 inch variety – I made the 10” and it’s just perfect. Honestly, I totally love the design of this clutch and I’ve got more planned already!

You can see that the full version also adds a wrap around “belt” that closes with a magnetic clasp. The bag also has a zipper closure so this is really just for aesthetics – I may or may not include this in future versions as I like the look just as well without it. The instructions were super easy to follow, and once I’d thread-traced the pleat lines onto all four exterior pieces, it was really easy to press the pleats into place, too.

Seriously – this is such a great, useful little pattern – it’s a quick add-on to make a matching clutch to go with a dress or jacket for a special occasion, and it hardly takes up any fabric at all so you can probably just cut it from scraps leftover from the main garment, too.

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