Surf to Summit Top – Three Cycling versions

I’ve got quite a few different versions of my latest Surf to Summit Top pattern to show to you! It’s such a versatile pattern with so many different options, which meant that I had to sew samples of all the different features over the past few months. Today I want to focus on the cycling features of this pattern, for both the men and ladies.

Let’s look at the ladies’ version first, which is again modeled by my friend and multi-talented athlete, Emily, whom you met earlier this week. I made this version using some navy wicking nylon from UK Fabrics in the body, and some “triathlon” printed lycra from FunkiFabrics in the sleeves. The 1.25m I bought of the latter was enough to make leggings for myself and have enough over for the short sleeves here, and probably a sports bra, too! I finished off this top with some turquoise FOE bought on eBay around the hem and back pocket.

This top was one of the very last samples I made of the pattern, a few days before its release, and it uses the exact same version that you buy – it was sewn up to test that the final changes to the pattern were good. I’m pleased to say that the improvements I made to the half zip, facing, and zip underlay in particular are ones I’m particularly proud of – this came together really smoothly!

Here you can also see the dipped hem and big back pockets. The top edge of the pockets is gathered in by FOE along the top edge, so you’ve got some extra space in there on top of the stretch provided by the fabric. The pocket is divided into three by topstitching, or you could keep it as one big pocket, or divide it up however you like!

So that’s the basic features of the traditional cycling jersey – you can use the exact same optional extras on the men’s version, too, or if you want something a bit warmer, like my husband James, then you can use the long sleeves instead!

James cycle commutes to work most days, and he’s found a route that mostly takes him along the river and then through the Royal Parks. But it’s winter in London right now, and the sun sets early, so he requested cycling tops that had long sleeves, back pockets, and a half zip.

You can also see the half zip here on this red version, sewn up in some red wicking supplex from Tia Knight. It’s got a nice underlay to protect your skin from the teeth and rough zip tape, but it means that you can vent a bit if you start to overheat during your ride.

The back pockets and hem are edged in the same turquoise FOE as seen in Emily’s version above. James has a RTW cycle top that mixes bright red and turquoise, so he selected this combo again from my stash, and I think it’s a brilliant choice.

I also wanted to show you an early sample I made of the men’s version because it shows how you can colourblock the side panel and pockets to get a lot of use from some wild prints!

In this case the “print” is actually Beta Brand’s “Disconium” fabric, which is lots of little foil “sequins” printed onto a base lycra. I’ve used it quite a bit in running leggings and tops for myself over the years, plus James has it in his reversible jacket, too!

Since the side panel and back pocket were so eye-catching, I chose to use basic black supplex for the rest of the top (originally from Tia Knight but long out of stock), and used wide black elastic binding along the pocket top and hem.

Can you believe I’ve still got… FOUR more versions of this pattern to show you (and two more sports!)?? That’s what I get for releasing such a versatile pattern I guess! You lucky, lucky sewists, you.

Remember you can save 10% off if you buy two or more patterns by using the code “10OVER20” before 26 December! The Surf to Summit Top pattern comes in men’s and ladies’ editions, too!


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