Summer Sewing

Back in September I laid out my plans for my fall and winter collection, and for the most part, I followed through with the plans (though I did make some midseason changes). This was the first time I attempted to SWAP (sew with a plan), and, while I appreciate the focus it gives me in concentrating on pairing fabrics to patterns and thinking about what my wardrobe needs, I really didn’t enjoy such structured sewing for such a long time. The problem with loving pattern magazines is that you get a constant influx of new patterns that scream “make me now!” and take your attention away from your best laid plans… And if I feel like the sewing is controlling me instead of the other way around, it stops being fun (which is the whole point of all of this!).

So with all those things in mind, I’ve laid out my summer sewing plans. I’m not imposing a strict set of rules on myself, but it’s a way for me to focus a bit more and make the most of some of the fabrics in my stash…

So without further ado, I present, the FehrTrade Summer 08 Collection!

(or click here to open it in a new tab so you can refer back while you read along!)

The tops:

  1. HotPatterns Weekender Monaco top, sewn in a blue stretch cotton poplin from (one of the very few remaining fabrics from last summer’s US fabric glut).
  2. BurdaStyle Sadie (using the faux-cowl view), sewn in a faux-Pucci print knit from my stash.
  3. Burda WOF 06/08 #109 sewn in a lilac cotton interlock from Pennine Outdoor

The skirt:

  1. Burda WOF 05/08 #108 sewn in off-white coating from my stash

The dresses:

  1. A hybrid of KnipMode 04/08 #13 (top half) and Burda WOF 05/05 #125 (bottom half) sewn in a green and white chestnut print lycra from Crybaby’s Boutique
  2. Burda 7783 sewn in a silver linen/lurex blend from Hickey’s in Dublin
  3. Burda WOF 02/08 #103 sewn in olive double knit from

So what am I tackling first? Actually…. none of the above (boy, this is a bad start)! This weekend I’m tying up some loose ends and making my mom a matching blue KnipMode twist top and I’m going to tackle the muslin for my BWOF winter coat.

(And for the elephants amongst you, my Patrones Jean Paul Gaultier skirt did not fall into the aether! I wore it once, but I’m not happy with some point-bubbling at the side seams despite three attempts to fix it, so it’s been sat on my dressform since February, thinking about what it’s done…)

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