Silver linen dress in situ

I’m a bit late in getting the photos from last weekend’s wedding off James’s computer, but I know some of you were waiting to see how the silver linen shift dress and the matching fascinator looked together, so here you go!

This banner was actually up outside the venue advertising an upcoming wedding expo, but it was too good for the bride and groom (and us!) to pass up for photos…

Simon and Holly both have a great sense of fun, and insisted on having an old fashioned sweet shop (involving an entire boot load of pick and mix from Costco!) as well as a bouncy castle in the venue’s courtyard! The bouncy castle was tons of fun, but boy is it ever tiring when you’re full grown and sink in with every jump. Ten minutes of bouncing felt like an hour’s run for me! The fascinator was fine with just the comb attaching it to my hair all night, but it had to come off for my bounces or risk sliding off and being (eek!) trampled in the melee…

The dress was a bit of a casualty after all the high jumps, long-stride running, and arms aloft, so I’ve got to do some damage control on it now. The left armpit seams completely blew out (I’m adding a diamond-shaped gusset as described in my vintage sewing books when I repair it), and the right side seam at the very bottom near the hem also gave way.

But I’ve got zero regrets – I’d much rather enjoy myself and repair it later than stand like a wallflower all night and miss all the fun!

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