Spring coat choices

I’ve got lots of turquoise basket weave wool coating that I bought from Fabric.com on a deep discount the same time I bought that gorgeous faux fur, and I’m envisioning it as a great spring coat (believe me when I say it’s the perfect weight for London springtime, okay?). But I’m torn between three different coat patterns, so maybe you all can help me decide?

1. Patrones #261-17 – Pros: It has a hood, and big pockets, and it’s already traced, since it from an issue I borrowed from Zoe ages ago! Cons: I’m not as confident on Patrones’s sizing so a muslin is a must, and it’s not got any pockets (Wtf?) so I’d have to add on some patch pockets.

Edit: I’ve just had a look at the fabric layout now that I’m at home, and this actually has inseam pockets that you can’t see on the tech drawing!

2. BWOF 01/09 #109 – Pros: It’s short and casual and I’ve always wanted a pea coat, and Burda’s drafting is fantastic on me. Cons: No hood and I’m unsure if stuff would fall out of those front pockets.

3. BWOF 04/09 #106 Pros: Longer, and I love the scoop pockets and that join on the front (and Burda’s fit me super well). Cons: I’d have to elongate those 3/4 length sleeves, and again, no hood.

So, please tell me which one you think I should make, and why, in the comments! And additionally, if anyone has any tips for dealing with this super-fraying basketweave fabric, I’m all ears! I’m planning to batch-fuse lightweight interfacing before I begin, but other than that, I’m completely naiive…

In other news: The KnipMode jeanskirt has been done for a few days, but I’ve not felt up to a photoshoot with everything else this long weekend. My KnipMode knit frankendress is progressing nicely, but the coverstitch machine has a steeper learning curve than I was expecting. And I don’t want it to overshadow this post, but my hospital date has been pushed back to early June and it’s really got me down. So hence why I’m up for tackling a bigger project like a new Spring coat while I’m still out in the world for everyone to see it (honestly, don’t comment on this bit, it’s just an FYI)!

UPDATE: Thank you so much for all your votes and advice! I’m going to go with the Patrones duffle coat, so no need to place your votes anymore (unless you really fancy it or something).

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