Apologies for the short intermission this week – I intended to tell you all about the lovely knit dress I made for my mom and show off our great photoshoot, but I’ve been snatched away for the weekend to sunny Camberwell. I can now say I’ve had a headache that’s tougher than paracetemol (Tylenol), codeine, AND morphine, as well as all three combined together!! Don’t worry, it’s sorted now- the drs were pretty sure it was caused by one of my many medicines making my blood pressure spike, but they had to keep me in to dis-count any other nastier options to be absolutely sure.

So here’s a taster of mom’s dress, and losing the better part of this week means I only have less than a week to complete her red dress before she’s off back to America! Time flies!

I’ll post the full details when I’m back home and not pecking out the post on my iPhone keypad!

UPDATE: Discharged and back home again!
UPDATE 2: Scratch that, 36hrs at home and back in on Wednesday. In for at least a week again, how dull.

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