Ticking Over

I’ve been doing loads more Christmas sewing but I can only show you the barest amount since so many friends and family read the site. But that just means there’s going to be a glut of posts going up between Christmas and New Year, plus I just got two KnipModes so I can show you my picks from October through January, plus I got gifted the Twinkle Sews book so I’ve got loads to say about that, plus it’s soon time for my year end roundup! So lots coming up, and it’s probably a good thing we’re staying at home over the holidays!

But first, two gifts I can show you some peeks of… My friend Pip has cottoned on to the fact that I can make her things in silk that cost way less than in the shops – last year it was the silk pyjamas, but this year she really wanted silk pillowcases, so I made her a pair in black silk charmeuse based on the measurements of my own cases, plus I added a bit of contrast reverse side and a line of piping to jazz it up a bit.

And even though James reads the site, he had so much input into his sweatshirt that it’s hardly going to be a surprise on Christmas morning!

He really liked the look of the men’s sweatshirt in the December Burda magazine but had an exact vision in his head for how he wanted it. So he picked out the colours he wanted from Pennine Outdoor‘s selection and drew up a litle plan, complete with where he wanted some green accent piping!

Expect a photo shoot next week, but in the meantime, here’s a peek of the finished sweatshirt on Susan:

Even without Burda’s suggested “teddybear plush” lining, I can tell it’s going to be nice and warm for this awful cold snap we’re having in London! (And if you’re interested in seeing what London looks like from the river, have a look at the photos I took from our neighbour’s boat on Sunday just before sunset. I’m so proud that a few are nice enough to go onto postcards!!)

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