Prepping for our road trip…

I’ve been super busy over the past week and weekend preparing for our upcoming road trip through France over the double bank holiday extravaganza*…

Making these packets really reminded me of all those sewing projects I prepped before I went into hospital!

Included are:

  • The silver sequin motif to hand sew onto the front neckline of my upcoming turquoise linen dress
  • Allllllll the pieces of pink viscose jersey and grey stretch lace for the summer version of my Burda September cover dress to hand baste together (cutting out all these pieces in both fabrics took all weekend!)
  • My Chinese-themed sewing tin (originally a gift from Cidell!)
  • Some purple silk to patch the lining in my Patrones duffle coat (I blame the stupid crappy jeans rivets I used to use!)

The word “divorce” was mentioned if I brought my little red sewing machine on holiday with us, so it appears I’ll be sticking to hand sewing for now. But seeing as how we’ll be staying with two sewers on our trip, you can guess how boring the conversations will be for poor James!

It’s a good thing we’ve got lots of reading material…

We leave early Friday and we’re back on 2 May, but I hope to be able to share some magazines with you while I’m away (if I can squeeze in some scanning around all the laundry, packing, garden maintenance, pumpouts, etc that need to be done before we leave!).

* For non-Brits: We only get a handful of bank holidays (ie: public holidays) a year, but this year Easter is so late that it’s only the weekend before the first Monday in May, which we always get off for May Day. But when you throw the Royal wedding in there (no, I don’t care), we end up having a four day Easter weekend directly followed by a four day weekend for the Royal wedding and May Day. So if you take three days off work, you get 11 days of holiday. Which is why James and I booked all this the day the Royal wedding date was announced!

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