Grey flannel outlook ahead

My next two sewing projects to share with you both use the fantastic, charcoal grey, ex-designer poly/viscose/lycra flannel that Neighbour Helen gifted to me just before they set sail for the continent. If I didn’t have the fibre content tag still attached to the fabric, I’d assume it was a cashmere or wool flannel, it’s that lovely!

The first use of the flannel is actually already finished and could’ve been spotted in the swankier parts of Spitalfields on Saturday night – an amaaaaaaazing sheath dress from Burda magazine:

I’ll avoid a long story to explain the Why, but you’ll have to wait til next week to see the photos. But trust me when I say it is a truly stunning va-va-voom dress!

Then this weekend I decided to jump right in and use up the remaining ~2m or so of the flannel and make the vintage Maudella midi skirt pattern I bought in Sheffield a few weeks ago:

Midi skirts are super fashionable right now, but the length is totally out of my comfort zone, so what better way to try it out than with fabric that’s already made a successful garment? I figure this extra yardage is double “free” too, since it was a gift and I never expected to be able to make two things from it!

I’m making View 2 (seen in my attempted tech drawing above), and the pieces for it and View 1 were already cut to size 18 (my size, judging by the pattern, eep!), which made it easy to just lay on the fabric and cut. There was also some traced tissue for a random cape(?) pattern in the envelope, but it didn’t look interesting (or vintage) enough to warrant saving.

In any case, there are only three pattern pieces (skirt panel, yoke, and waistband), so it should be a stupidly quick make. Though I am slightly concerned that the front and back use exactly the same pieces… Is this normal for gored skirts?

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