Diamond Jubilee Bunting Prep

Apologies for the radio silence – the past week has been dominated by our preparing to leave the boatyard, and then actually sailing our boat back home again. Everything went incredibly well, but I’m still sorting through piles of stuff as we merge our temporary living quarters back into home again, plus I ran a 10k race (new PB of 50:27, wooo!) the morning after*, plus switching over to my summer wardrobe finally, and my sewing room is in a shambles as a result.

Amongst all this, we’ve got a massive four day weekend coming up this weekend for Liz’s Diamond Jubilee, and because we’re moored on the Flotilla route, we have to look extra pretty in exchange for getting an official flotilla pennant.

Boat prettiness can mean only one thing – bunting!

So while we were sat in a muddy boatyard in Kent on Friday, I took some rare downtime to cut up enough bunting flags to occupy 22 metres of ribbon – long enough to stretch from our front mast to our garden decks on both sides.

This meant cutting up 116 flags! It actually made a depressingly small dent in my scrap stash…

But then, the next day, as we were underway and I was digging through the life jacket compartment, I discovered a whopping enormous length of bunting leftover from the previous owners, when they ran our boat as a hotel!

OMG! How have we lived here for five years and we’re still finding stuff?!?

Anyway, it was enough to string up several times on the back deck, so we’ll look pretty from the aft end, too:

And when we get our internet connection back up (it seems our shore connector corroded in the five weeks we’ve been away), I’ll link the gallery of photos from our epic journey, as it was a glorious day!

* I ran this race to celebrate my 3rd rebirthday from my bone marrow transplant. If you fancy donating or reading about my story, head over here!

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