Apple peel leggings – sneak peek

As promised, I sewed up the “Apple peel” leggings from the new Pattern Magic Stretch Fabrics book last Thursday night, but before I could get a proper photoshoot, we took a few impromptu photos of them after I wore them to work on Friday.

I thought you all might like a sneak peek of my leggings, sewn up in cherry red jersey:

Oh? What’s that you say? You want a better look at the unbelievably cute, tiny kitty that fell asleep on my lap?!? Ok then…

Seriously, he fits in the palm of my hand! We didn’t go in expecting to consider any of the all-black kitties since they’re too close in appearance to Bosco, but we just fell in love with this little guy, who’s the runt of the litter. He’ll be coming home with us in a few weeks, when he’s old enough to be separated from his mum.

And no, before you ask, he hasn’t told us his name yet!

(Londoners – a few of his siblings are still unclaimed. Leave me a comment if you’re interested and I’ll pass details along…)

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