A lace & silver weekend

I ended up having a fun and full weekend of sewing this weekend, partially because I lost a few days work last week to a spa day (omg!) and a full day of filming (for Extra Mile – if you haven’t already seen my blue wigged self all over your internets, watch here!). Part of the work sewing was to get a bunch of stuff done on my next pattern, which is digitised, graded, and now ready for my second test version before I test it out on some unsuspecting local athletes, mwahahah! I also had a few projects for private clients to get done, as well, so I had to change mental “gears” a few times, too.

Another bit of work sewing was actually a bit too fun to be strictly considered “work”, and that’s because I needed to sew up a fresh sample pair of my free Lacey Thong pattern to bring along to the Panty Party class this Thursday, 13 February. There are still a few spots left if you want to snag them and join the fun, btw – I mean, seriously, look at this pile of lace and fabrics that arrived last week which is all for the class! Don’t you want to dive right in?!

To clarify: The Panty party class is at the ThriftyStitcher studio in Stoke Newington, North London, and it’s this Thursday! (PS: The Overground is not affected by the impending tube strike, either!!)

I’ve probably made at least ten versions of my Lacey Thong for myself, but, umm, I wear those, and it’s pretty creepy and gross to be showing other people your worn underwear, even if it’s clean, eww. So that’s why I needed to sew up a fresh sample pair to show off in the class, so I selected this thin, blue burnout jersey and some white lace and paired it with navy blue satin-edged elastic.

Isn’t she pretty? I also received a comment today from a Frenchman who made this utterly gorgeous satin & lace pair for his woman. So it doesn’t have to be a one-way lingerie sewing street – you could book your man on the course as a “surprise” and let him sew a pair for you! Ha!

I got to a point early on Sunday where I’d finished all the work sewing I wanted to accomplish, so I pulled out the Named “Jamie Jeans” pattern (now with US Letter-compatible printing and multi-sized, btw). I’ve been eyeing up this pattern since it was released, but it took it disappearing when the new collection was released to make me realise how much I wanted to sew it! Since a-l-l of my clothes are falling off me right now (thanks, running!) I am in serious need of trousers and even my leggings are baggy, so these were the top of my Fun Sewing list.

I had two lots of Minerva’s silver-coated denim (now sold out!) in my stash – 2m which lost most of its silver when I prewashed it (and I then used to make my last minute Mexico bag), and another 2m Minerva sent as a replacement. So in lieu of a muslin, I thought I’d use the faded yardage here and save the really silvery stuff (and/or some nice navy stretch twill, or leftover denim in my stash) after I tweaked the fit.

I used the very last scraps of my runner fabric (also used inside my classic jeans, which I still wear even though they’re comically baggy now) for the pockets and fly facing.

I really love the piecing and seamlines on this pattern, it’s a perfect mix of quirky and classic at the same time. You can’t really see in my fabric, but there’s a horizontal seam on the back pocket piece, and on the front pocket top, you use the reverse of your fabric as a contrast.

Hooooooooowever, as I was sewing up those long front seams, I had the sinking realisation that my fabric actually has the stretch running lengthwise, rather than across like every other stretch fabric in the universe (and come to think of it, it feels nothing like the denim it was advertised to be so I’m fairly certain this is actually bengaline).

It was at this point that I had a feeling these would be pretty tight and possibly not wearable at all, but I was enjoying the sewing and decided I’d keep going until I completed the crotch seam (minus the fly and waistband) and could try them on.

I tried them on.

I couldn’t get them past my meaty runner calves, let along check the waist & hips! Again, if you’ve only skimmed this post, this is not the pattern’s fault – it’s my stupid fault for not realising I had only had lengthwise stretch in my fabric!

I probably should’ve been more upset about losing a few hours and 1.5m of decent fabric, but I kinda expected this to happen, and that I’ve got more of this exact same fabric waiting in the wings kinda lessened the blow. So I’ll cut these out again (with a very modified layout!!) at some point in the next week or so when I’m caught up with my work sewing. I’ve got inspiration in the form of Catherine’s pair in this same fabric and Winnie’s denim Jamies to propel me forwards, too….

Soooo… what’s the stupidest mistake you’ve ever made while sewing?

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