Fehr Trade FW/07 Collection

I’ve avoided all talk of SWAP (Sewing With a Plan, roughly – sewing a bunch of garments in terms of a wardrobe instead of separate pieces here and there) even though everyone else around me was doing them. For the most part, it was because I bought fabric for specific projects and I created these as the feeling took me.

However, since I’ve lost weight, my wearable wardrobe has decreased considerably and I came to the realisation last week that I don’t own any trousers that aren’t jeans, period. I’m also doing more presentations at work that require me to dress a bit more nicely, so after 5 years of wearing teeshirts and jeans to work, I have a large hole in my wardrobe in that regard, too.

Going to America last month and the subsequent fabric and pattern buying orgy left me with the supplies for a wide variety of garments. So naturally my mind turned to the best ways I could see to use both patterns and fabrics to fill these holes in my wardrobe.

I’ve devised the following plan, though I realise it will more than likely take me the entire fall and winter to accomplish it.

(Here’s a direct link to the above image if you’d like to open it in another window to refer back to while you read on…)

Working from the top left, I’ve got my two “reserve” top patterns, Burda WOF 08/07 #106, and Hotpatterns Weekender Sunshine Top. The fabrics for these two are undecided, since I want to see how much is left over from the other projects before I commit to these.

Below this are two BurdaStyle patterns, Franzi and Janina. Starting with the wide-legged trousers, I’ll be making these out of a length of navy pinstripe I got in my free designer bundle from Fabric.com. The vest doesn’t require much fabric so I think I’ll have enough leftover from the trousers to have a matching vest.

Moving on, there are two pieces from Simplicity 3631 in this collection – I’ll be making the cropped jacket from some cream wool (also from that free designer bundle), and thanks to SewStylish magazine, I’ve got the inspiration to create a blouse from the bodice portion of the dress and sleeves from the long coat. I’ve got some amazing “Face In The Crowd” silk from Gorgeous Things that should flow beautifully with the wide, cuffed sleeves.

Below, I’ll be making the BWOF 08/07 #102 and #103 tuxedo jacket and trousers using a beautiful length of Pendleton navy blue suiting given to me by my grandmother.

The only accessory of the collection is my absolutely favourite handbag pattern, the HotPatterns Nairobi bag (out of print, but you can grab some on ebay if you’re quick!). I’ve got some buttery soft black leather left over from my pirate corset that will go far in to making my new everyday handbag after my last rendition of this bag died through overuse last year!

The final trouser pattern of the collection, BWOF 08/06 #109, will be made twice, as it’s also the same one I used to make my bitchin’ blue jeans and I know it fits like a dream. I’ve already started on a pair in chocolate brushed cotton twill, and I’ll be making another in red corduroy (I’ve got such a thing for red cords!).

I’ve only got one skirt planned for this collection since I’ve got a lot already (they’re much easier to take in than other garments!), but I’ve been itching to make it ever since I first saw it in BWOF 08/06 #103. From the front it looks like any old pencil skirt, but it’s got a wicked little kick at the back that makes it both easier to walk in (since I walk back and forth to work every day, this is a big consideration!) and also gives it a bit of pizzazz. I’ve hardly got any mottled grey wool left over from the Yamamoto jacket but I think I can just squeeze it in since it’s a lot of narrow panels.

Moving on to the dresses, I’m rather excited to try Go Patterns’ Little black dress in some black wool crepe I bought especially for it. I think the silk blouse I’m planning will go very nicely underneath in winter, too! I’m also pretty excited to make BWOF 05/06 #115 (which is also available to buy as a download on Burda’s site), but in this case it’s not the pattern that’s got me wild, but the fabric – chocolate brown bamboo. It is, without a doubt, the softest fabric I’ve ever felt, and I think this is going to make for a dress more comfortable than pajamas!

The remaining two faux-wrap knit dresses ( BWOF 05/07 #126 and New Look 6429) are both vying for the same fabric at the moment, a fabulous Missoni-esque knit from Gorgeous Things, but the “loser” will still end up getting made, just in a different fabric and possibly closer to spring or summer with a different sleeve variation!

Who’s with me for a busy Fall and Winter 2007?

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