Manequim April 2015

Wooo!!! It’s the best Manequim of the year – the one with all the Oscars gowns! Let’s breeze through the rest of the issue and get straight to those Hollywood designer evening gown patterns, shall we?

First off, the Plus selection this month is just the usual three patterns, but they’re keeping to the glamourous end of the scale, using singer Adele as the muse.

I LOVE this classic leather biker jacket – it might be slightly too small for me, though (I’m in between 42 and 44, I’ve discovered), but it’d be easy enough to adjust using another pattern as a guide…

I think I’ve discovered the secret to me and blazers – I hardly ever wear them myself, but I’m occasionally drawn to the odd one or two in magazines, like this orange one (Can I just say that I love everything about this image? Wonderful model & composition and art direction!!). I think the main thing is that I dislike the traditional, folded over, notched lapel – so designs like this which are a bit different in that area really appeal to me!

Again, I’m not really even into this kimono pattern, I’m just digging the art direction (helicopter landing pad?! Must be Sao Paolo!).

This is the only actual jeans pattern in this jeans feature (and I’m so not feeling the bell-bottoms!) but I was really intrigued by the simple tee paired with it. It was almost entirely covered up in the photo, though (thanks, Manequim!), but it was shown later in the roundup images so I could see it’s just a really simple two-piece teeshirt.

And now, for our main event… it’s the Hollywood gown special!!! (not just the Oscars this year, no, no!)

First up, we’ve got a pattern for this gorgeous strapless lace Givenchy gown that Rosamund Pike wore to the Oscars. Pure fantasy!

Next, we’ve got patterns for Emma Stone’s Lanvin jumpsuit from the Oscars and Anna Kendrick wearing a Gorgeous Peekaboo gown (living up to its “peekaboo” name??) at the Oscars.

Then, it’s a pattern for Reese Witherspoon’s off-the-shoulder, monochrome Armani Privé Oscars gown and Helen Mirren looking fabulous as always in Docle & Gabbana at the Golden Globes.

And finally, the fabric on Lupita Nyong’o‘s Ellie Saab gown is a large part of the “wow” factor on her Screen Actors Guild Awards gown, but I’m looking at that pattern and definitely seeing scope to shorten it for a more cocktail look (and far less fabric to buy!).

I know we can often fall into the trap of only making glamorous dresses and then only wearing them once or twice (I can’t resist making a new dress for pretty much every wedding I attend!), but I’ve actually got an event I need to sew for coming up! I’ll need a posh gown for the gala dinner at the end of the World Transplant Games in Argentina in August, and when I saw this amaaaazing 1930s McCalls gown I knew it was just what I needed!

What about you – is anyone else planning a glamorous make any time soon?

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