KnipMode twist top now in Plus sizes!

Plus-sized ladies, you need to stop right now and go buy a lotto ticket, because today is your lucky day!

You may remember earlier in the summer I made a blue twist top from the April 2008 KnipMode magazine, and then my mom fell in love with mine so much I tweaked the sizing and made her one, too. This is probably my favourite pattern of the entire year – I have to restrain myself from wearing it more than once a week, and I even turned it into a dress to get more wear from the pattern.

Well, everywhere that I can see is sold out of April’s issue (it’s proved VERY popular!), so imagine my surprise when I opened up the October issue and saw that they’ve reprinted the same exact top, but in Plus size!!

This is just utterly fantastic news, because it’s such a flattering cut that it looks good on so many body types, and the pattern is really straightforward if you line up the symbols and follow my instructions. Even if you’ve never bought a KnipMode before and don’t speak Dutch (I don’t, either!), I still highly recommend you buy the October KnipMode issue before it sells out. This is one seriously great pattern.

And if you need any further coaxing, that jeans pattern on the same page looks pretty awesome, and this issue also comes with an extra supplemental magazine full of winter hats, mittens, and scarves to use up those fleece scraps…

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