A Tale of Two Shops

Two different lots of sewing shopping arrived for me yesterday, and my experience with both shops couldn’t have been more different!

The first was from myfabrics.co.uk:

I ordered this stuff on September 12! It was so long ago I could hardly remember what some of it was for, and as it turned out, the jeans buttons were actually elaborate snaps, and what I thought was LauraLo‘s excellent fusible bias tape is actually just hemming tape. Grr. But that’s not the least of it – go read my store review here so as to keep the bile all contained in one place. Needless to say, I will not be shopping with them ever again.

The second parcel that arrived was ordered the day before (Wednesday), from the wonderful Pennine Outdoor:

I just needed an open-ended zipper and some cordlocks for my nephew’s sweatshirt, and they came through just as I knew they would! Less than 24 hours to get it from Yorkshire to London is pretty awesome. This is the third time I’ve shopped with them and I honestly can’t recommend them enough.

And because of their speedy shipping, I was able to complete my nephew’s hoodie this morning before work. Fingers crossed I can bribe our ten year old neighbour with some Wii time to come and model it for me…

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