Thank god it's finally 2010!!

The worst year of my life is finally over, hurrah! Celebrate!! Woo! I always try to live each year so that it’s better than the one before, and I don’t think I’ll have to spend much energy to make 2010 a success by that yardstick! Still, my cathartic sewing output hasn’t been too bad, especially considering I spent a full 8 weeks/2 months in a hospital bed!

(Click the composite photo to zoom in, and have a look in the Gallery to read more about any of them. Except the last few, which you’ll see in greater detail next week.)

Here’s 2007’s and 2008’s roundups, for comparison.

Let’s find some highlights in what was an otherwise incredibly sh*tty, sh*tty year….

I don’t keep track of yardage used vs bought like some sewers, but I thought I’d try my hand at a year-end tally of finished garments. By my count, I believe I made for myself:

  • 20 tops
  • 10 dresses
  • 6 pairs of trousers
  • 4 jackets/coats
  • 4 skirts
  • …and a lot of other things like handbags, kids clothes, menswear, home furnishings, gloves, hats, baby gifts galore, etc, etc

I think my favourites of this year are:

My Faux-Fur coat – I fel like a gangster’s moll whenever I wear this!

My Patrones duffle coat – It goes perfectly with my yellow handbag and gloves and the colour works beautifully in Spring and Fall.

My KnipMode boyfriend jeans – My favourite pair of jeans ever!

My Silk tartan overblouse – What happens when fabric and pattern find a perfect, perfect marriage!

And lucky for you, 2010 is going to start off right, with some pretty photos of James’s new sweatshirt, my fleece jacket and a silk blouse (as soon as the weather clears up long enough to take photos!).

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