First rebirthday 10k race

Last Thursday was my one year anniversary of my bone marrow transplant, which others have taken to calling a “rebirthday”. James took me out for lunch and a very chill session at a super posh tea shop, followed by a surprise card and flowers when I got home! I’ve been planning a special celebration of my own for about six months now, when I got it into my head that I should run a 10k for my one year post-transplant.

The British 10K London Run was this morning, and even though I’ve been running around the river for the past 3-4 months to train for this, I had only managed 10km in my last three runs so I was feeling pretty nervous and hoping only to run the whole thing (no walking!) and to maybe finish in under an hour.

(More race photos here…)

I had a fantastic run, and though it was a definite slog at times, the memory of three friends who died last year despite their transplants really kept me going (I wrote their names on my hand to motivate me). I couldn’t believe the clock at the finish line – 54:22!! And I started back about 50m from the start line so that’ll come down by a few seconds when the chip times are released, too. Edit: official chip timing says 53:48!! Woop!

Now, I always try to keep this site on-topic, so there really is some sewing-related craft in here…

Yes, I used my freezer paper prowess to stencil “One Year Post Transplant” on the back of my running vest! I used the same process and silver paint that I did for the green sweatshirt bolero last year. I initially tried the yellow Marabu Textil paint, but when they say that it’s not suitable for dark fabrics, they mean it! The yellow just soaked throgh and you couldn’t see it at all, so I had to follow up with the silver. So for future reference, if you’re painting onto dark fabrics, use the Textil Plus or Textil Metallics paints!

I’ve already raised way, way more money for the Anthony Nolan Trust (the UK’s bone marrow charity, and the people who found me my donor last year) than I was expecting to, but if I’ve inspired you and you’d like to donate to the cause, my sponsorship page will still be open for a while longer. Or even if you’re totally skint, please PLEASE consider getting yourself on your country’s bone marrow registry.

Thanks again for all your support, kindness, and thoughts over the past year. You guys are the best.

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