MyImage Spring/Summer 2011

Hooray! The second issue of the multilingual new pattern magazine MyImage arrived! Now, I rather liked the first issue (even though I’ve not made anything from it yet), but I love this second issue!! They’ve really upped the design WOW factor here, adding in exactly what I love – tons of intricate seaming!

MyImage have posted all the tech drawings here and the whole magazine here if you’d like to see what you’re getting (Burda, Knip, and especially Patrones – take note, this is how you should be handling your online presence!!).

So even though you can see the whole magazine above, I still think it’s worthwhile pulling out my picks, because this issue is awesome and I love, love, love all the interesting seaming in here!

This seamed, cropped jacket is my favourite of the whole issue and I’ve got the perfect amount of navy uncut corduroy to make it in, too!

I did notice a mistake in the layout diagram for this jacket pattern, though, and MyImage replied to me the very next day to clear it up! In the layout diagram, the pieces marked 12 and 12a should be 10a and 10b, respectively. These match up with the labels in the pattern piece list.

Here’s my favourite jacket again, plus a top I wouldn’t have looked twice at in the tech drawing, but I just love made up in these stripes. And I also really like the dressy trousers she’s wearing, too – they’ve got some really flattering pleats and a triangular yoke with a side zipper.

Here’s a skirt in the very on-trend midi length with some fantastic shaped seams. Look closely and you’ll see that they’ve cleverly used a big side panel instead of any side seams!

I think this knit dress with asymmetrical neckline and ruched seam could be really fun and comfortable for summer. I just noticed the other day that Christine Jonson has some great tips for doing elastic-ruched seams like this in her free ruched skirt tutorial that would also apply to this dress, too.

I absolutely love this seamed jeanskirt pattern – I’d wear this in a heartbeat, especially since I tend to live in skirts in the summer! When I looked at the tech drawing for the jacket shown with it, I had no idea those were pleats, but they carry the whole way around the bottom edge! What a cool detail to have a pleated peplum!

I don’t normally go for elastic waists, but this double-breasted summer day dress is just too cute, and could be made up in a beige gabardine if you wanted to rock the trench dress look…

I had an email conversation with MyImage about the iffy English translations in the first issue and they’ve said that this time around they’ve used a different English translation company to try to improve them, but still welcome suggestions if you find anything odd. They do appear to be better here, though I’ll be able to give a clearer picture once I sit down and sew a few of these!

You can buy MyImage magazine direct from their site or from Sew Baby in the US or Crafty Mamas in Australia. Since it’s only two issues per year (after all, it’s only a two person company!), there aren’t any subscriptions available as far as I know.

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