Manequim March 2011

Woop, it’s nearly Fall in Brazil and the latest issue of my Manequim subscription has arrived (just in time for me to finally start making that silk blouse from the last issue!).

There are quite a few nice surplice, pleated jersey dresses in this issue, and I quite like this one, though it’s not really close enough to my size to bother with grading it up (especially when there are others that are in my size!)

I’ve seen a lot of designs for tie shirts (I’ve even made one!) but I’ve not seen one where the tie is this low, and I really like the curve it gives to the hemline:

There’s a feature where Manequim suggest clothing for different age groups. I didn’t like much for 20-30 year olds, but I love this jersey dress for 40-50 year olds! And it’s in my size! I think this probably wins the “Most Likely to Make” award for this issue.

Surprise, there’s another awesome surplice dress (this time for wovens) meant for 60-70 year olds! And it’s also in my size! Hurrah!

But it can’t all be good… In a pretty terrible “Easy Sewing” feature filled with sacks cinched in with a belt, there’s this total jumpsuit FAIL. Can you imagine anything more unflattering or uncomfortable to wear than a strapless, drop-crotch jumpsuit?

Finally, in the officewear coordinates feature, I really liked 3 out of the 4 outfits (I wasn’t that keen on the last parka one, not shown here)!

First, a fantastic cropped jacket and shorts combo (even though I don’t wear shorts, I like the look here):

A great waistcoat/vest and trousers combo that’s in my size:

And a simple skirt and a top with rather clever bows built into the straps:

But best of all is what comes next – April is always Manequim’s Oscar issue, where they publish patterns for a load of this year’s Oscar gowns! Squeeeee!! Anyone taking bets on which gowns we’ll get to see in a month’s time?

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