KnipMode May 2011

KnipMode’s gone royal! Well, err, not those royals… Think of this more as an education on Dutch royalty you’ve never heard of (plus a mandatory Grace Kelley mention for good measure).

I love the look of this blouse, but the pattern layout made me realise I’d never have the patience the edge finish and carefully pleat those thousands of ruffles on it!

Also in the royalty section is this nice sheath dress with a pleated cummerbund and corsage (for which there’s illustrated instructions)

I love the tech drawing for these cargo trousers, but in both magazine photos, they look a bit baggier than I imagined…

I know we’ve seen it before, but I still like this knit top with the faux wrap (there’s a dress version, too), and these slim trousers for stretch fabrics.

This boatneck dress is just fantastic, and there’s another (royal) version with cop sleeves and without the belt, so you’ve got some different options there. If this issue had arrived a bit sooner, this would have been on my pattern shortlist for the turquoise motif dress! (And how great is their stylist here? I’ve never seen a floral dress look quite so edgy!)

And finally, in this issue there’s a wedding gown set – but the catch is that you have to pay for it separately on their site (it’s not included in the magazine). For €30, you’d think they’d have a slightly less ugly and costumey design…

This month we also get a special supplement magazine, which is entirely for knits!

My favourite in this magazine is definitely this knit top, which at first glance appears to be quite bland, but the asymmetrical pleats at the neckline, square neck, and little sleeves really make this a fun little top in my eyes.

I’ve seen a lot of knit blazers out and about recently, and this paired with the cute balloon skirt is a really nice, casual summer look.

I hope you enjoyed this post while I’m on holiday! I’ll be reading comments while I’m away but not really able to reply as much as usual…

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