Manequim April 2011

For the past two years (and perhaps further back), the April issue of Manequim magazine has always included patterns which knocked off that year’s big Oscar dresses. I’ve been looking forward to the Oscar issue for months now, and April finally arrived and… there’s no Oscar dresses in it. Waaaahhmp-wahhhh.

But if you’re a plus-sized lady, you’re probably going to like this issue better anyway.

We’re looking at Missoni this month in the designer-inspired section, and I think this seamed skirt would be a really flattering basic. It’s just a bonus it’s in my size!

I really like the look of this taffeta dress, though I think I’d prefer to flex my puny drafting muscles and try my hand at it myself. I really need to stop being so lazy with readymade patterns and just rotate some darts like they did here…

While it’s not meant to be, this lace top really reminded me of Cate Blanchett’s Givenchy Oscar dress this year, with that same circular front.

In the fantastically large Plus section, I absolutely love with sheath dress with the lace illusion neckline, so much so that I’m thinking about knocking this off for myself…

While they’ve shown this vest/tank and skirt in dressy fabrics here, I think these would be great everyday staples, and the vest is offered in multiple sizes here, too.

I’m not a tunic wearer myself, but this model is rocking this silk tunic and leggings look!

I think my love of my KnipMode foldover trousers has really made me broaden my idea of what designs can look good on me, and I’m sorely tempted to make up these pleated, tapered trousers in a thin, drapey suiting now!

And finally, I really like how they’ve updated the basic, boxy teeshirt with some silk satin and voile!

You might also want to see Jacquie’s picks for this issue, since she was a bit faster than me in getting her post up this month!

I hope you enjoyed this post while I’m on holiday! I’ll be reading comments while I’m away but not really able to reply as much as usual…

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