KnipMode June 2011

I’m a bit slow on reviewing this latest issue of the Dutch pattern magazine, KnipMode, but it’s not a reflection on the content this month! Usually I tend to not find as much to like in summer issues in general, but there’s a lot to love in this one that will work with our English summers. I think it was FehrTrade reader Marie-Christine who once said “You can tell it’s summer in England when the girls switch to wearing white cardigans”! So true!

Mix & match dresses! Like the cocktail ones in November’s issue, you get to choose which bodice, waist, skirt, and sleeves you want and put it together yourself. I really like this idea, but for me, the choices on offer don’t really do much for me, whereas I was really excited about the cocktail dress options…

This plus knit surplice dress really reminds me of the lilac dress I made for my mom. I think these sorts of patterns can be so flattering, too, especially when the skirts are fixed in place to prevent wardrobe malfunctions!

There’s a few great Plus patterns in this issue, actually – I especially like the trousers and cowl top in this wardrobe.

I totally love this next outfit! First, the trousers have a great curved inset in them that reminds me of my KnipMode puzzle trousers (that I still wear ALL the time, for the record!), and even better still is the mixed jersey and satin white top. I couldn’t really figure out the construction from the pieces alone so I traced this out last weekend (I wanted to make it anyway!) and found that the side pieces connect to the centre front and the centre front folds inwards to create a bubble of fabric there. Sounds interesting enough to try on some stash jersey anyway!

Then there’s a whole feature just containing interesting knit summer day dresses! How did they know I needed some more? I really like this one because it’s a different take on the gathered, banded top that KnipMode poineered well before the other pattern companies. Though this looks similar, it’s constructed in a totally different way from the earlier top, and even with the big illustrated instructions, I’m still not sure I understand it 100%… I love it when I’m stumped by a pattern’s pieces!

From the same feature, I also really liked the magazine photo of this pleated dress, even more so than the tech drawing (stupid dark fabrics!).

And as if all those fantastic knit day dresses weren’t enough, we get a really nice pattern for a basic, raglan-sleeved teeshirt dress in the “Make 4” feature!

What a great issue, Knip! And because I’m so late in reviewing this, it shouldn’t be too long before July’s issue is in my letterbox!

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