Upcoming Fall 2011 sewing – the fabric

I posted about my Fall sewing pattern plans weeks ago, but I never quite got around to showing off my lovely Fall fabrics at the same time, and then I went and bought a little more since I sewed through enough of my stash over the past year to make space for more.

Indeed, the first two fabrics were bought long enough ago from the superlative Ditto Fabrics that I’ve actually already used them!

This grey stretch wool suiting is finding a life in my Draped Jacket and Skirt Suit you’ve heard so much about lately, and I’m sure you remember this peach silk habotai from my recent blouse, right?

Well, the day after I bought the above from Ditto’s website, we determined I’d actually be going down to Brighton later that week, so I stopped into their store on the Saturday morning and picked up two more fabrics (along with a good gossip with Ditto’s lovely owner, Gil!).

I loved the grey stretch wool suiting so much I just had to buy it again in the marled grey and beige colourway (and I nearly grabbed it in damson, too) for a versatile pair of winter trousers, and I also picked up this royal blue viscose jersey (not on their site), as the price was right and, like all their viscose jerseys, just feels wonderful. I bought this specifically to make the MyImage long sleeved cowl tee, as seen in my Fall pattern plans.

Here’s all four of the Ditto fabrics mingling together. Ahh, it’s like a school yearbook photo! You can also see how similar those two grey suitings are (but what you can’t see if how smooth and NOT scratchy they are, honest!).

Hot on the heels of my Ditto spree, SenaSews pointed out some silk-blend jerseys on German ebay being sold for stupidly cheap prices, so I just couldn’t say no! The anthracite one really doesn’t feel like silk to me, but is a nice, beefy weight, so I’m sure I’ll use it for something when I’m in a pinch. The pale one feels much more like silk to me, but it’s still got nothing on the 100% silk jerseys from Classic Textiles (though it’s also like 1/5th the price). I figured at the price I paid, I’m okay with just using the pale one for a luxurious wool trouser lining…

Just as I was catching my breath from all these new arrivals, Neighbour Helen gifted me with a few treasures from her industry stash before they left the country. So say hello to some beautiful, thick, ex-designer flannels, in charcoal and medium grey, and nearly 3m of each!

(I can’t say who the designer is, though!)

Some of you may be getting sick of seeing grey by now, but not me – I absolutely love it for Fall and Winter, as you can add a pop of colour elsewhere in your outfit and it goes with everything… But for those of you lacking in the colour and print departments, there’s something for you, too!

These Spoonflower fabrics aren’t to go with my Fall sewing (other than some pocket lining opportunities!) but I just wanted to show them off as two were designed by a good friend of mine (the two in the centre). I totally badgered her into making these available for sale on Spoonflower so I could buy some. But I wasn’t expecting to love the Fox print as much as I do in real life – it’s way nicer in person than on screen!

She also sells custom prints and some wicked temporary tattoos(!!) on etsy, and she assures me more fabrics will be coming soon! The Dr Who fabric isn’t for me, but a Christmas gift…

Ooh, and then there’s the olive green stretch cotton sateen I bought on eBay for pennies, and the sage green silk I bought at Bhopal’s on Brick Lane one lunchtime when I was meeting up with Claire, but that’s it, honest!!

Now do you see why I was so keen to use the linings in my stash and not buy more?

Also, you may have noticed a new image on the sidebar to your left (RSS readers, click through!), because the BurdaStyle book is out in a few weeks, and my dress pattern variation is one of only ten included in the book! I can’t wait to see my copy in the flesh, and of course, start in on some of the included patterns!

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