KnipMode October 2011

I haven’t really been terribly excited about KnipMode magazine for the past few months, since the new editor took over, but things are starting to look up this month, thankfully…

I love the lines of this jacket (and the retro styling!) but for me, this is kinda ruined by the poor fit on the model and that awful plastic zipper!

For me, the best design in this issue is this new take on the twist top (no, hear me out!). This interesting neckline plus long sleeves in an easy knit, this is a pretty likely addition to my winter wardrobe, I’m guessing, especially since there’s photo instructions in the magazine for that twist!

There’s a feature in this issue which pairs the “camel” colour with a bunch of other fabrics, and I really like the look of this coat and body (there’s a version with an open bottom, as a regular shirt, too) together.

From the same feature (camel + pastels now), you can see that twist top again, paired with some nice trousers.

“But that’s not all – there’s more!” Because there’s a supplement this month…

This tunic shirt is quite nice, though I know I’d never wear anything quite that voluminous myself…

…whereas this cowl top is exactly my style! I’ve even got some wonderful plum sweaterknit leftover from last winter, too!

And my other favourite in the supplement is this pair of jeans, which have fantastic seamlines and buttons at the ankles, which I love!

I also received the latest Manequim last week, so I’ll have my picks from that to show later this week, along with my peach shell top photoshoot.

PS: Totally unrelated, but just a heads-up – all Lekala patterns are offered in sizes 44 and 46 for free this month!

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