Manequim March 2012

Wow, the seam allowance guide tool giveaway has been SO popular! Go over and enter if you haven’t already, because the makers have just given me two more to give away, so you’ve just tripled your chances!

If you’re looking for justifications for using said tool, then I put before you Exhibit A, the newest edition of the Brazilian pattern magazine, Manequim:

The lovely comedienne Fluvia is showcasing the Plus selection this month, which is just a nice, slim pair of trousers paired with a blouse. But look closer and you can see this is a new variation on the cowl-neck theme, as it’s a drapey collar morphed into a traditional shirt rather than a shell top!

This sort of “sheath dress with cool sleeves” is exactly what Manequim do best, and it’s what I think of as their signature House Style. I totally love the pleated sleeves here, though I hate how the skirt pockets don’t match up with the bodice seams! It’s easy enough to change, but it just seems like a sloppy design oversight to me.

The “patterns in the style of a famous designer” this month highlights Tommy Hilfiger style, starting with a pair of jeans (okay, I’m really only interested because it’s offered in my size)…

…and this AMAZING dress! Omg, how much do I love the neckline?! And the accented waist panels?! And the navy and white colour scheme is just so chic, too.

Here’s another take on pleated sleeves, this time on a simple shell with a deep scoop back.

This cocktail dress has a fantastic waist detail, not that you could tell from the inky black fabric the sample is sewn in! Seriously, I had to squint at the magazine in real life, and couldn’t make out a single detail there either…

And finally, this trench jacket pattern is super lovely! But how many trench jackets does one girl need? I almost feel guilty this is printed in my size – they should let someone else have the fun (yes, of course Manequim is made only for me, don’t you dare suggest otherwise!!).

Still to come this week – my lycra & lace running top, which garnered many compliments from the Run dem Crew ladies last night… Oh yeah and there’s the March edition of KnipMode, too, but there’s so little of interest in it I may just wait for April’s and show them together.

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