KnipMode March & April 2012

The past few months of KnipMode have been so lacklustre that I’ve decided they no longer deserve their own post each month. Yeah, take that, Knip! So I’ve joined the last two months together here in an attempt to find a few diamonds amongst the turds…

March 2012

I really like the seaming on this suede jacket. It’s a different take on the general “waterfall cardigan” design that’s been ubiquitous in the past few years.

Oh dear. Those are some serious “Mom jeans” and they’re not helped by the awful styling and piercing blue denim shade…

Ooh look, a supplement, maybe this will save this month?

Err, not really, the only thing worth mentioning was this knit cowl top, and I’ve got enough of those already. The MyImage one is so good I don’t see the point in tracing any others.

April 2012

Maybe April’s issue will be better?

I’ll skip straight to the good stuff here – this knit top is the most inventive pattern they’ve published in months, and is the only thing from this issue I’m really tempted to make! I just love all the extra pieces and gathers and tucks in the neckline!!

Otherwise, it’s a bumper issue for Plus-sized ladies, as there are a whopping 18 Plus patterns included here! There’s dresses galore (and not Burda’s sack variety), jeans, a seamed skirt, a cardigan, a trench coat…

And finally, I’ll leave you to marvel in wonder at what is, absolutely, The Worst Pose Ever.

This particular variety of “hands strongly on hips” pose drives me crazy when I see it on blogs (and very occasionally, in professional publications) as it’s seriously one of the least flattering things you can do with your hands, like shouting “look at my enormous, sturdy hips!” and directing the eyes there. Honestly, it could make Kate Moss look like a stout farmhand. But what the heck is she doing with her legs in that skirt?? Yeah, My mind boggles at what the exchange during this photoshoot must’ve been…

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