KnipMode May 2012

My KnipMode subscription lumbers on, though I’ve yet to be really excited by any issue in the past six months. But as I find myself with some time on my hands while our boat is in drydock, I might as well share the latest issue with you now…

This yoked top looks like it’s be a great use for cotton lawns or well-washed quilting cottons, if you have any that don’t go all oddly stiff…

On first glance, this sheath dress looks pretty basic, but the dart placement makes this a bit more interesting than usual, and you could do some great colourblocking if you extend the darts a little further into seams…

This skirt has an interesting hip detail, where the fabric is pleated and then folded back as a flounce (so the reverse side shows). The top is inoffensive enough, but it’s a design I’ve seen a thousand times, with an extra keyhole.

KnipMode’s sub editor should be fired for this tech drawing mixup. Slow clap… C’mon guys, try a bit harder.

And I see on their official site that this wasn’t the only major mistake in this issue, either! I had to dig to find a correction for this tech drawing mistake, but as a side-effect, you can see the At-a-glance page for this issue in their explanation (or as a pdf here).

But moving on, because there’s another magazine supplement that comes free with this issue, and it’s entirely skirt patterns!

This slim, below-the-knee pencil skirt looks very nice (and the cowl top ain’t half bad, either!).

This supplement featured a few knockoff catwalk designs, too, and my favourite was this asymmetric, banded Aquascutum skirt.

I’ve mentioned it to a few people (mostly cloggies!), but I’m going to be in Amsterdam in October to run the half (or full, eep!) marathon, so I’ll more than likely be stocking up on Knipmodes and Knippies at the newsagents and supermarkets while I’m there, even though I’m letting my subscription lapse. I’m hoping that buying the occasional issue here and there will prove both financially and creatively more advantageous than medicority every single month..

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