Manequim June 2012

I’ve had this issue for a while now, I’m not entirely certain why I’ve been dragging my feet to review it. I mean, I should be all over this – they’re are some great designs, and our “wettest, coldest summer in 16654687423 years” means I can wear Brazilian winter fashions right now anyway, but I think maybe I’m just in pattern overload shellshock or something. It’s a genuine malady, I’m sure of it.

I think this convertible coat is a great idea – you can remove the bottom of it to change it between a short winter coat or a longer one. It’s the kind of catwalk fashion that can really translate into people’s reduced income and wardrobe space and be really wearable at the same time…

The soap opera cover star is showing a side gather dress with a leather tab here – the dress itself is nothing special, but I really like the leather accent idea!

The designer this month is Ferragamo, and I really like this dress with a peephole neckline, especially since I’ve not seen any similar patterns around (yet?).

There’s a large plus section in this issue (maybe about 10 patterns, where there’s often only one Plus pattern per issue), my favourite of which is this sheath dress with lace yoke.

Call me a trend whore if you will, but I’m totally into the peplum trend, and it’s enough to make me see past the twee print fabric and want to reach into the magazine and start wearing this button-down peplum shirt right away!

I’m still on the search for good, hefty stretch satin in the UK for my swirls sheath dress, so please speak up if you know a supplier! Otherwise, I can finally start showing you the massive refashioning project I did with my running group later this week, and I think you’ll enjoy it!

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