Manequim September 2012

Hot on the heels of August’s issue, it’s another Manequim magazine, this time celebrating the first of the Spring fashions down in sunny Brazil!

The model’s pose on the cover of this issue totally cracks me up. I thought it was the most corny, awful pose I’d ever seen until I saw the rest of her photoshoot inside, and I have a feeling now that she must be a real ham, and she’s doing the dorky poses to be funny, which I quite like now!

In the celebrity section there are four patterns for maternity dresses, including these two gowns. I’m not sure if they’re just regular gowns which are maternity-friendly, or whether they’ve actually drafted them to account for extra belly. The tech drawing would suggest they’re altered, but the pattern pieces in the layout don’t (the straight hems are a giveaway!).

You know me and shorts (ie: I don’t wear them, full stop), but how cute are these, with their retro hems, piped front seams, and integrated pockets?! So cute I almost overlooked the biker jacket in my size, that’s what!

The designer style this month is Marni, and I particularly liked this little blouse. It’s got a sporty racer-back, but with added frills that give it a lot of back interest. This is almost the opposite of a “coffin dress” look!

The next feature contains two amazing jackets – the first is this pale salmon jacket with fantastic, curved lapels and cropped sleeves – perfect for Spring!

…but it’s this second one that completely took my breath away! Look at the piecing! And the back – it’s cropped at the front but the tech drawing shows it has a pleated half-peplum at the back there! Unfortunately there’s no other photos of this jacket in the magazine for me to inspect further, because I just love this! (And the piecing means it’s be perfect for leather…)

Here’s where my lack of Portuguese language skills gets me down. I can see that this next feature is modelled on a woman who is only 1.5m tall (5 feet tall), but I can’t quite tell if these patterns are drafted for shorter women (a’la Burda and Knip’s special petite patterns) or if they’re just showing that these styles look good on women who aren’t the Amazonian model types.

In any case, I liked the peplum top & skirt combo (though not as much as Burda’s version or the one in August’s Manequim), and this asymmetric, cowl necked dress.

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