Manequim magazine March 2013

Greetings readers! I’m still away on holiday, meeting cool people, (hopefully) photoshooting my new Easter makes, and eating my bodyweight in crab cakes, but here’s something to tide you over til I’m back… the latest issue of the Brazilian pattern magazine Manequim!

I think this sleeveless blouse with neck tie looks like a really classy blouse for the office, and it’d be great paired with a skirt and nice jacket, though it’d be a shame to hide that back yoke. I only wish this one was in my size!

Here’s another look at that lace dress from the cover – it’s almost a skater style with that short, full skirt, and a nice surprise V neck in the back.

oh my god, you guys – this cropped trench coat is so me! And it’s in my size!

Here’s a jacket where the zipper teeth extend up the lapels – a very cool effect! (and one that’s easy to achieve with a variety of patterns!)

I’m not sure whether I like this billowy, bubble hem top or not. Especially in this grey marl, it reminds me of the other, billowly Manequim top I made (and didn’t really wear much!)

I don’t think I’d really wear this, but I really like the unique triple sleeve feature and wrap back on this blouse.

Are we over peplums yet? I thought I was, but there’s something about this one that really appeals to me…

Maybe when I’m back the UK weather will have turned Brazilian? I can hope, right??

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