Manequim June 2013

As I mentioned last week, I had a great week for post while I was ill, including the latest Manequim magazine! Since Brazil is in the southern hemisphere, we get some wintery clothes, though there are still a fair amount of sleeveless options that would work for British summers, too!

oh. my. god. Plus sized lingerie!!! And they’re fantastic, wearable, and sexy designs, too – a bodysuit, bra, and panties in size 50 (B110cm W94 H116, just fyi). I’m terribly jealous that these aren’t in my size!

In the soap star style section, we’ve got this long sleeved sheath dress with interesting bodice panels that really looks like something I’d wear in the winter!

The designer pattern section this month is Jil Sander, whom I totally love! We get patterns for slim trousers (in multiple sizes!), the red batwing jersey top, and the blue dress with double-layer draped bodice. On top of the great designs, I actually really love the styling here, too – solids in vibrant colours, minimalist aesthetic, and letting the clean lines speak.

This issue also contains a massive coat feature which has a great variety of basic styles, but it was this biker jacket made in wool coating and leather that really stood out to me.

And finally, from a feature focusing on famous couples of progressively older ages (including Rachel Weisz & Daniel Craig for the “40s couple”!), I actually like the pattern for Michelle Obama’s dress better than the “inspiration” one she’s actually wearing in the photo!

I had to look on Wikipedia because I couldn’t believe Mrs O was in her 50s yet… and she’s not, she’s only just turned 49! How cheeky!

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