My Mexico travel wardrobe – packing!

I’ve been talking about it for a few weeks, but we’re finally off on our “Mexico Unplugged” trip this week! If you recall, a month ago I set out some plans of things I wanted to sew up for the trip.

But what did I actually sew in that time? As per usual with me, I sewed most of it, but left off a few things (like the dress, which, in linen, just didn’t seem backpack-friendly!), but included some other garments not in my original set.

From last month’s plan, I actually did sew:

  • My neopreney travel skirt

  • My Neopreney leggings

  • My Hummingbird skirt

  • My Classic jeans (not in the image but mentioned in the post!)

  • My Three hidden travel pockets in the skirts & leggings
  • Two running belt pockets for me and James to wear under jeans to act as a money/passport belt
  • A new top, to be revealed while I’m away!!
  • I thought some of you might also be interested in what I’m actually packing, so I took a photo of it all laid out on our new King sized bed* while I sorted out myself what was going along:

    I chose everything I wanted to wear and would mix and match together well (plus not show sweat stains too badly, ugh! I hear it will be very humid!). I’m expecting to re-wear and/or do some hotel-room-sink laundry while we’re there, too. I didn’t really take note of what was sewn vs RTW while choosing, but now that it’s all laid out, I can see that all of my bottoms are sewn by me (woo!), and just over half of my tops are, too. It’s funny, the newest RTW item I’m packing is the bikini, which I bought a year ago, and everything else is at least four years old (I think I bought that H&M top over ten years ago!!).

    If you don’t recognise some of the sewn stuff, here are the links to go back and refresh your memory (minus the ones linked above, of course!):

    *And all this was made way easier by the fact that we now have our new bedroom to sleep in, which means our new wardrobe space, too!!

    We’ve been slaving over this bedroom for over two years – hauling rubble, hand brushing old paint off the hull, primering the steel, hand-cutting every inch of insulation, building the floors and walls, sanding, painting, you get the idea. And it’s been over two years since I’ve had a proper place to store my clothes so this is just luxury (even with the hanging wires – we’re making due with extension leads for now).

    It’s a strange feeling to go away to sleep in hotels when it feels like we sleep in one every night right now! Luxury!

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