Moda Moldes Especial magazine

Most of you are familiar with Manequim magazine from my monthly reviews, but you may not be aware that it is just one of several sewing pattern magazines in Brazil!

Friends of ours brought me back some magazines after they holidayed there a few years ago, and you may recall that I reviewed Moda Moldes, Molde & Cia, and Figurino Moldes at the time. You can get the former two on eBay from Brazilian sellers, but they’re all pretty similar in their styles, drafting, size selection, and price. So if you’re having problems subscribing to Manequim, it may be worth your while to try one of the other magazines instead.

Anyway, I was thrilled when Rachel at House of Pinheiro was back home in Brasilia recently and very kindly offered to buy this one for me, and I thought you all deserved a peek! This is apparently a special issue of the magazine, though I can’t see what makes it different, to be perfectly honest!

This tunic may look like it’s just an oversized, belted teeshirt in the photo, but have a peek at the tech drawing and you can see there are two giant darts that provide shaping and visual interest.

There’s nothing particularly groundbreaking about this sheath dress, but it’s just a nice, well-balanced design that I’d totally wear!

Look beyond the “mullet” hemline of this skirt – I would’ve missed all the great details if it wasn’t for the tech drawing! Shame they used such a crazy print, because with all those seams and pintucks, it’s not like it really needs it…

I love this sheath dress with pleated overlays! Again, this is something I’d totally wear, and since it’s not in my size, I’d probably just go and make it myself without a pattern. Sometimes it’s far easier to adapt your own sloper (or well-fitting plain dress) and draft your own copycat details than it is to fiddle with grading all the pieces of a design.

And finally, here’s a selection of three pairs of trousers – a very plain stretch woven pair with a side invisible zipper and no waistband, a wide-legged pleated pair, and a classic, slim-leg trouser. It’s a nice touch that the pairs on either side are available in multiple sizes, too.

I hope this only whet your appetite for Brazilian patterns, because I’ve got a review of the latest Manequim issue coming up later this week…

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