Manequim magazine January 2014

The latest issue of the Brazilian pattern magazine, Manequim, has arrived in my postbox and hurrah – it’s a special dress issue!

Omg, what a super cute asymmetric skort! I’m not the biggest shorts fan, but I would totally wear this! I love how the front panels are sewn into the front seams of the legs, too. Very cool.

I’m not a fan of the cropped jacket with a million fabrics, but the hem on the skirt is quite novel and a shape I’ve not seen before… (As is the one on the front cover, actually)

The designer inspiration this month is Derek Lam, and I totally love this knit sheath dress, even though it’s quite a basic design. I reckon I’m probably a size 42 now anyway, and I would totally wear this in a bright canary yellow ponte!

Another Derek Lam-inspired pattern is for this yellow silk overblouse, which has rolled up, tab sleeves, and a great shawl collar (the maroon bermuda shorts are the third pattern but… ick.)

This is a really simple sheath dress pattern for stretch satins, but I like the detail of just folding the collar edge over like that – so simple to do to any pattern! This is also offered in several sizes, so could be a good base for altering another Manequim pattern to your size…

The Plus sized patterns are all dresses, too this month, modeled by a famous actress but not styled particularly well IMHO. But I like this knit sheath dress with the paneling made famous by Stella McCartney, and I see Manequim aren’t adverse to a little Jungle January action, either!

Here’s another Plus dress that just doesn’t seem to be thought through very well. Sure, the illusion yoke is quite edgy, and the plunging, non-illusion neckline is quite sexy, but how many Plus-sized women can get away without wearing a bra?! With the low front, you couldn’t even get away with a strapless one… Not very practical, Manequim!

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