Manequim magazine October 2014

Manequim magazines appear to be like that old London bus saying: “You wait for ages and then three come along at once!”. All of us international subscribers were accidentally sent some random teenybopper magazine with Taylor Swift on the cover instead of the October issue a month or so ago, and even though I emailed a complaint, I didn’t really expect to see this issue. This sort of mixup happens about once a year with the publisher, and we usually just get our subscription extended by an issue. But no – October’s issue did turn up in the end, bundled with November, and then December arrived a day later!

First up is a pattern for a very trendy little bike satchel pattern. The overall construction isn’t really new, and in fact I’ve got a bright orange leather satchel I use every day that looks very similar. But the unique part here is that there are an extra two straps on the back which allow it to attach to the handlebars! Very cool, and something you could add onto just about any bag pattern.

The Plus patterns this month aren’t particularly inspiring, I must admit. Really, overalls? They aren’t flattering on the tiniest, youngest ladies, let alone those of us with a bit of hips…

Manequim patterns are mostly offered in one size only, but there are a few each issue which come in multiple size (which you can then often use to sort of “scale up” fancier patterns that aren’t in your size). This teeshirt is a basic design, but it’s offered for a ton of sizes, and would be a really good base for other styles. I also rather like the simple, pleated midi skirt it’s paired with here.

This multi-level hem detail is one I’ve seen on a few other Manequim designs this year, but not really in other pattern magazines. This makes me think this must be an upcoming trend…!

Most issues don’t contain any kids patterns, but this one has a whole feature devoted to the children. The patterns are all too small for my tween niece and nephew, so it was really only this pair of shorts which stood out to me. I swear I’ve seen these in an earlier issue for women!

And that’s it from this issue – mostly lacklustre IMHO, so it would’ve been no biggie had I just received the Portuguese pop music mag, really. Luckily, November’s is a bit better!

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