Morley College sewing courses in London 2012-2013

Earlier this week there was an announcement that has quickly become more exciting for me than even the new pattern announcements – Morley College finally released their course details for the 2012-2013 school year!

If you want to cut straight to the good stuff, you can see all the fashion courses here and the textiles, craft, knitting, and quilting courses are here.

They do the usual basic courses on using a sewing machine, drafting basic blocks, basic draping on the stand, etc, that loads of colleges offer, but they also offer some really interesting niche classes that don’t seem to be offered anywhere else.

Looking at the full lists above, there’s everything from historical wear to hats to shoes to lingerie to dancewear! For beginners as well as truly advanced level courses, too. Most courses only cost around £50, too, which is really reasonably priced, especially when you consider that most of the fashion courses in London start at £300! The facilities at Morley are great, too, with big tables, plenty of light, and ample Bernina machines and dummies, and there’s some seriously good pubs for lunch nearby…

You can read my review of the Pattern Magic 2 course here or read Tracy’s review of the Pattern Magic 1 course here.

My picks from the new course list: