Red vines

I have such a thing for red corduroys. I’ve probably owned about ten pairs over my lifetime, and they have all been worn multiple times a week until their inevitable downfall. For the last few months, however, I haven’t been out shopping very much and when I have been out in stores, I haven’t been able to find any cherry-red cords anywhere.

So in my American fabric buying orgy I picked up some bright red baby wale corduroy to make my own. The fabric was a bit thinner than I was expecting (more shirt weight than trouser weight) so I hope they don’t wear out prematurely, because I’m stupidly happy with them!

These photos were taken after I’d worn them all day, so disregard the wrinkles from sitting at a desk all day. I’m most proud of the fly front zipper on these, because instead of blindly following Sandra Betzina’s video and not really stopping to think how all those steps were turning into a fly, I actually walked through Burda WOF’s fly front instructions (which include an underlap piece that Sandra’s omits – important for not getting your pants caught in the zipper!), and I actually understood and absorbed the directions, and I’m confident I could create one again without looking. That’s progress, I feel.

I used my very tried-and-true trouser pattern – a hybrid of Burda WOF 08-2006-109 for the body pieces and Vogue 8202 for the pockets and fancy bits. I’ve made this same hybrid before as jeans and brown trousers and I’m really pleased with the fit on all three.

So with these trousers ticked off my FW07 Collection it’s full speed ahead for the navy blue wool suit!

Two asides:
1. Big apologies to my RSS reading buddies for the old articles cropping up today – I upgraded Textpattern and a few inadvertently had their modify dates changed by the system.
2. I’m having a full-on photo shoot on Tuesday morning for a major London newspaper’s article on “refashionistas”! How exciting to be in a studio with a hair and makeup person surrounded by all my creations!! Wish me luck!

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