Mutton dressed up glam

I finished up all the sewing I needed to do in preparation to our trip to Dublin tomorrow, and I had some spare time and energy left to make two quick tops.

First was a top I saw as a user-submitted pattern on BurdaStyle, but it was only uploaded as size 36 and would’ve required lots of grading on my part to get up to a 42. Luckily though, she also submitted How To showing exactly how to draft her design from a standard knit sloper! Hurrah!

Not having a knit sloper to hand, I actually started with the Lydia basic tee pattern, sized down two sizes so it fit more snugly, raised the shoulders (also having the effect of decreasing the armscye) and then proceeded with the How To. I love the way it fits and drapes in the 100% bamboo I had leftover from my wrap dress (with hardly any to spare, yay!), and I actually wore it out to a house party on Saturday night when it was technically unfinished (The hem was just worn tucked in!) and I got so many compliments, especially on the leg-of-mutton sleeves.

I was still on a high from Saturday’s sewing when I decided on Sunday to finally get that last meter of fleece out of my stash to give me another warm jumper to wear in Ireland. I was really tempted to remake my tried and true Burda WOF wrap sweatshirt for a third time, but then I remembered this top from the October 2007 KnipMode magazine and decided to go for that instead since it only required tracing two pieces (I always reuse that BWOF sleeve for any long sleeve knit top!).

Having only one meter of fabric meant that I had to lay the sleeve across the grain, howver, in order to fit it on, and I stupidly forgot to allow for this and cut it a bit wider. So the sleeves are a little tight, and I made the hip and neckbands narrower, partly because fleece isn’t nearly as drapey as jersey and would’ve been really bulky, and also partly due to fabric scarcity. But despite the sleeves, this is actually really comfortable, and I can pull the neckband in close if I get chilly, which I always loved about the BWOF sweatshirt. I don’t think this is quite as versatile, but I really like the different styling and it’s nice to have a change!

And finally, since he was so interested in the photoshoot, here’s a bonus of our cat Bosco!

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