Ikea pillowcase placemats

Way back in August, James and I picked out this green naughty kitties fabric to use as pillowcases for our eventual lounge. We’ve since been on the lookout for the cheapest pillows we can find so I can make up new kitten covers for them, but you’d be surprised how overpriced even the ugliest pillows are today!

But then on a post-Christmas Ikea trip, we found these “ISIG” pillows on sale for £2 each. I think they must’ve been considered holiday items because of the snowflakes, but frankly, these were too good to just throw away. They’re cotton/linen blend, with the red snowflake (or star) design on one side, and stripes and a zipper closure on the other.

So, armed with a seam ripper, I dismantled the pillowcases and refashioned the fabric back into four placemats, each with a contrasting cutlery pocket and coaster.

It just so happened we had friends over that night, so we got to show them off right away, and it means I’ve got two extra long white zippers now that I can use in my new kitty pillowcases if I want. And, coincidentally enough, we’re actually off to Ikea on Saturday, so who knows what I’ll find on this trip?

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